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holdon grommets

Holdon™ grommets are ideal products for use in applications that require instant clip-on reinforcing hardware such as tarps, boat covers and banners. They can also be used to provide an on-the-spot replacement for broken metal grommets.

Molded from plastic, the "wedge" and "brace" are available in white and green as standard. Custom color matching is available upon request.



Median Holding Strength

1.575 x 1.378 x .394 in.

.44 oz.

100 lbs.

holdon grommets grip

holdon grommets new

• Apply in seconds - no tools are required

• Superior gripping power

• Ability to relocate without puncturing or damaging material

• Quality performance on most fabric, netting, polythene, tarps, vinyl and light polyesters.


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