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Upholstery Supplies for the Marine, Automotive and Awning Industries

Center Fold Acrylic Binding

Double Edge Turned Acrylic Binding

Flat Elastic Braid Binding

Polypropylene and Nylon Webbing

Delrin Buckels and Hooks

Upholstery Marine Hidem

Snap Fasteners

Curtain Fasteners


Stainless Steel Snap Fasteners

One-Way Fasteners, Baby Snaps, Military Black Snaps

Military Black Curtain Fasteners

Enamled Caps

Hand Tools, Cutting Punch, Snap Fastener Kit

Pres-N-Snap, Bench Press and Dies

Aluminum Rivets and Mandrels

Trim Fasteners, Hog Rings, Header Clips, Teenuts

Chrome and Black Phillips Oval Head Sems

Tenax Fasteners

Awning & Canopy Laminates

Uni-Cover Laminate

Coil Chain Zipper

YKK Molded Nylon Separating Marine Zippers

Stainless Settl Marine Fittings

Nylon Boat Fittings and Hardware

Nylon Boat Fittings and Hardware

Nylon Boat Fittings and Hardware

Sun-Blocker Protective Clips

Sun-Blocker Twins Protective Clips

Adjustable Shock-Cord Hooks

Shock Cord "Bungi"

Plastic Awning Rails

Marine Adhesive Transfer Seam Tape

OEM Embossed Welting

Vi-Lock Hook & Loop Fasteners

U.V.R. Bonded Nylon

U.V.R. Bonded Polyester

Upholstery Crystal Clear Double Roller Polished Vinyl

Press-Polished Kal-Glas and Sea-Flex PVC Windows

"Eddy" Electrical Heat Tool

Trimming Tools

Industrial Rivet Gun and Shears

23 Karat Gold Mock Top Accessories

Mock Top & Landau Trimmings

Mock Top & Landau Trimmings

Mock Top & Landau Trimmings

Tonneau Cover Hardware

Aluminum "Pre-Bent" Tonneau Bows

Convertible Top Cables

Black Convertible Top OEM Webbing

Black Convertible Top Pads

Convertible Top Accessories

Convertible Top Accessories

Upholstery Supplies Catalog

Byron's Leather Care Hyde Foot and Hyde Clean

Holdon Grommets

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