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pre-bent tonneau bows

A pre-arched .055 Wall - 1 inch diameter - 67 inch long Aluminum Extrusion Tonneau Bow that can be cut to fit any pick-up, full size or mini. Each Bow is supplied complete with two Nylon Plastic Bow Insert Ends and two Nylon Plastic Bow Sockets. Bow Insert Ends snap and lock into Brackets. Easy installation and quick removal.

 Computer Code #  Description  Packaged
51-07 67" "Pre-Bent" Tonneau Bows: with Black Delrin Insert Ends and Black Delrin Sockets 24 Pcs. Per Box
51-08 Black Delrin Insert Ends 48 Pcs. Per Box


Black Delrin Sockets

48 Pcs. Per Box

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